Commands v2 Ramsete equivalent of magicbot?

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as #7439 Qubit Robotics, We are looking to improve upon our programming for off-season events, 2 of our bucket list ideas are implementing a robot framework and path planning.

Currently, we have our eyes set on Magicbot as our robot framwork, but every guide we found is using RamseteCommand -a commands v2 framework method-.

Are we able to do path planning using Magicbot? If so, how?

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-Berke from Qubit Robotics

Currently, we don’t have any official examples in the RobotPy repo that show using Ramsete outside of commands v2.

My team experimented with Ramsete + magicbot this year but ended up not having enough time to tune + use it in competition, feel free to use it as an example (and all of our code should work in simulation too):

Another more complex experiment with it is in the ‘expr’ branch… but it also isn’t very well tested: Add experimental trajectory following autonomous · frc6367/2022-robot@d23f5f0 · GitHub

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My team used Ramsete in autonomous last year to a degree of success at events, although the code is probably not as readable as above.

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