Comments of Rally in the Valley

Rally in the Valley was a very interesting competition. All the teams played really well, and was a really competitive event.

There was some controversy at Rally, but I don’t want to really want to get into it. But only to say that it was the first time we were ever ordered to take a section of our robot off in the last match in the finals. That section was our wedge.

Congratulations to all who participated in it, and for team 95 for hosting the event.

Yes I would have to say it was a good day for all today, but on behalf of not only my team, 151, but also 166 and 501, we stillare really sorry about the whole issue in the finals, we had no intent of you having to remove your wedge, or any other part of your robot for that matter, but it was still a couple of great matches, and congratulations on the win.

-Alex, 151





Thanks for starting this thread, I’ll be interested to see what people have to say. Feedback is great, don’t worry about hurting our feelings :slight_smile: .

I missed the finals, so anyone who was there want to fill me in?

I would like to thank the teams that subbed in for the no shows, it made our lives much easier. Thats GP, playing a round for no points just for the fun of it and to help everyone out. 501, 238, 190 and both 88’s come to mind, but I’m sure i am forgetting some one. THANK YOU!

Also, thanks to all the teams, the turn around time between match’s for some teams was next to nothing, but everyone kept up and we finished qualification rounds about an hour early. Hows that for noteworthy?

Again, comments on anything are welcome.

-Andy A.

Rally was a great time for us! We loved the best out of three in the finals instead of collective score. We learned a lot from your invitational, Thank you for letting our students shadow you in the electronics department and please say Thank You again to Mrs. Currier for passing her invitational manual on to our team. It will be very handy for us when we host our invitational October 11.
BTW- my team loved the breakfast table you had set out it was a great idea, and our team visited it often!
Your concession stand was awesome! So affordable!
We had a great time with all of the teams that attended, and we hope you all can make it to our invitational.
Thanks for allowing us to sub a round which gave our underclassmen a chance to drive.

Your concession stand was awesome! So affordable!

2 Hot Dogs, Chips, and a Coke…3 BUCKS!!!


Maybe the Meadows and Verizon Center could take a few tips from you guys!

Andy Grady

I have to say the food was great and the price was right… I had soo much too eat… I got kind of hot though wearing the wig… I liked it and I think I’ll wear it to all the post season events…

Thank you 95 for putting on a GREAT Event! (And yes, Andy Grady did a great job as well!)

Also, thanks to 121 for picking us as an alliance partner and even flipping us back up. Way to be Gracious Professionals.

95, one of the best parts of your event was your time keeping pit announcer. :wink:

can someone pplease put up some sort of brackets up? im curious to see who placed where

*Originally posted by Greg Perkins *
**can someone please put up some sort of brackets up? im curious to see who placed where **

Ok this is from memory,

#1 seed 151
#2 seed 121
#3 seed 131
#4 seed 885

First alliance:
151, 166, 501

Second alliance
121, 131, 134

Third Alliance
885, 190, 88 (The real one)

Forth Alliance
238, 213, 88 (The 2001 version)

First semifinals
151, 166, 501 (Red) vs. 238, 213, 88 (The 2001 version) (Blue)

151 won the first one by a big margin
than in the second round it seemed like 238 came back, but 151 managed to slip by with 1 bin.

Second Semifinals
121, 131, 134 (Red) vs. 885, 190, 88 (The real one) (Blue)
121 alliance won both

In the finals it was
151, 166, 501 (Red) vs. 121, 131, 134 (Blue)

The 121 alliance won both times

Maybe Andy G. can recall more info than me.

Hi All,

Kyle, you got everything right on the dot without the need of my help! I will add that the elimination tornement was 2 out of 3 which made the finals much more exciting than the elimination point system. FIRST definately should go back to that format next year. Also, big time credit to team 95, who had their robot take a sit in the elimination rounds just so the teams who traveled could all play. I really can’t say enough about how awsome those guys were and how well they dealt with some of the issues that popped up in the day. This is why Ralley was and will continue to be a success.

Great Job to All,
Andy Grady

i still cant believe we got first seed!

I was wondering… To everyone that went and the people that saw me… Should I keep the wig???

ok everybody, i’ve been quiet too long. Im gonna try to be as nice as possible.

I understand some things that went wrong could not be unavoided. Things like missing cables, scoring system mess ups, etc. It happens and is understandable.

What is NOT understandable is how uneducated the refs were. A few never even saw a first event, and it showed.

The whole finals drama that occured should not have happened. The wedge has been there since the first day at BAE. New England teams should now this by now. The wedge is there to take away a pushing surface. It is also there to remove teams from the HDPE. If a team can make a device to latch on to the top, we can have something to take them off (thanks Andy).

Now after I flipped over Choas then DE-flipped them should have shown everyone it was not my intention to flip teams over. Only 2 other teams ended up on their backs because of us. Team 95 flipped onto 88 right after autonomous because of us but the wedge wasnt even down. 501 also went over, but we were trying to get onto the top of the ramp and they were in the way…sorry guys.

But what really got me mad was the fact that we had to change our robot design before the last match. According to the head ref our wedge design was not “Graciously Professional”. Whatever that means. A couple teams complain and now we need to spend half an hour putting lexan where that wedge was.

BUT WHAT REALLY GOT ME ANGRY was some guy from 88. He was an adult who had the nerve to come to me and my drive team and start yelling at us. Now you can say this post isnt gracious, but what that guy did was uncalled for. He said we were purposefully damaging other teams when all we were doing was playing the game.

So even without a wedge we won the whole thing. So just to spite some of you jealous poeple we’re adding another wegde on our “piece of blank” (according to what that guy said. Think before you talk next time guy)

Thats my gripes with Ralley and Im sorry to say because of this bad experince we wont be coming to ralley ever again.

Go ahead and shut this post down brandon i got my 2 cents in.

I was not at the event, but my observation is this thread started out really positive. Why don’t people try to focus on the positive parts of the event. Every event has its bad side, but for the most part, I bet the majority of people really enjoyed this one.

Theres no need to close this thread…Rick made the poor choice of venting in the wrong thread in the wrong fashion…I too missed the event because of finals but I dont see the point of this little squabble. The event is over and done with (o and we happened to win to…thanx 131 and 134!!!). I heard the food was great and cheap (one of those rare things at FIRST events huh. All in all I missed a great event. I wont miss it next year though, you can be sure of that!!!


It doesn’t help your point to have the following in your sig.

"Our first match at BAE; Announcer: “And there goes 138, that was brutal…a brutal flip”

11 Brutal Flips and counting"

If you’re going to be proud of your flips, then you’re opening yourself and your team up to either being disqualified or not allowed to participate until you change your robot so that it doesn’t flip others so easily. As I’m sure you remember, Wildstang had those 2 wedges on their robot, but while competing they tried to do everything possible not to flip other robots when they drove up their ramps (even though they could lift the ramps, or just move forward a little and flip their opponent). They also never bragged about having x numbers of “Brutal Flips.” It doesn’t matter to observers (and referees, being people who watch mathes, count as observers) that you tried to help them back up in this instance, because people have seen your robot’s actions and your (Ricksta121) unprofessional bragging about flipping other robots. If you hadn’t been so publicly proud of your flips, and so vociferously complained about refereeing as pertains to your robot you wouldn’t have had so many problems. Really quickly let me add that if my robot had been flipped by a team known for flipping robots I would have complained to the referees, and then visited your pit to have a quick chat. I wouldn’t have been as animated as the person you described in your post, though. I would have remained professional. You’ve made a name for yourself and your 2003 robot, you only have yourself to blame. Learn from this and don’t repeat these mistakes next year.

Well, Sean, I did ask for all comments. While I would love it if everyone had nothing but good to say about Rally, that isn’t the case. There were obvious problems with it, I was hoping people would point them out.

About the refs- They were fill in’s and there were only 4 at that. We had several others who for various reasons had to bow out at the last moment, leaving us scrambling for refs. So, most of them were pulled off of 95 and given a quick crash course in reffing and sent out on the field (part of the reason we never worked well- everyone was filling in for others). Some had never been to a FIRST event. It was tough for everyone, the refs espically.

Now, in defense of the refs:

121, a lot of bots ended up flipped when against you. I think we can all agree on that. Something about your robot lends it’s self to tipping bots, and some were getting damaged because of it. People were complaining about it and the ref’s didn’t want to have damaged bots or to have to disable someone (121), because that was to difficult a call to make on the spot. So they had 121 remove the wedge to prevent any damage to other robots and the possibility of making an on the spot DQ.

I’m sorry you guys had a bad experience, The refs did their best to make a fair call and stick to the rules as best as possible. I think given the situation, they did fine. Its not as if they were out to get you guys, they just wanted to avoid DQing you or seeing a bot knocked out of finals because of a flip.

As for someone from another team yelling at you, I’m really sorry about that. We really hate to see our event turned into a controversy, and teams arguing amongst each other just makes it even worse. I’m sorry this stuff happened, I really am. We really feel bad that you were coming all the way up here just for an off season event and you had a sour time.

I do hope you come back next year.

-Andy A.

PS, blame the cables on FIRST, they sent us plenty of 25 pin male to males, but no 15 pin male to males arggg! Not to mention never bothered to give us the password to the scoring database.

edit: silly spelling and such fixed

First all Rick’s comments might be a little harsh, but are not discouraging by any means.

  1. The control field was really not 95’s fault. FIRST send them the field on Friday, so they had very few time to play with it, and give it a couple of test runs. They found out that the scoring systems had a password, and I think that they improvised very nicely, considering the time restraints.

  2. The judges are volunteers, they are not paid, and they are taking their own Saturday off to judge. They made a bunch of lousy calls (In and against our favor). However you have to realize that most of them were Hockey Refs, and they try to judge as best as they could.

  3. The reason we are most likely not coming back up to Rally, is not because we hate it, but because it is a 3+ hour drive away. Our adult volunteers get tried when they have to drive so long especially so early in the morning. Eventually it gets to you.
    My team has had only positive things to say about the event.

  4. What I did not like though was that an adult in the denim shirt bashing us in the middle of finals. He made a lot of crude and vulgar remarks, mouthing words to us, and I think gave us the middle finger. At first I thought he was from 501, but I really don’t know what team he went on. What I especially didn’t like was people talking behind our backs in private rooms telling us about our past (97 era) and saying other negative things. Be in mind though that 95 had nothing to do with it, and wasn’t their fault that some people decided to be un-gracious. So you can’t really blame the competition. I think Ricks comments was with all the crud we had to put up with at the end. Rally was a very good competition, and I would recommend it to everyone.

*Originally posted by Ricksta121 *
**According to the head ref our wedge design was not “Graciously Professional”. Whatever that means.

Honestly if you don’t know what “Graciously Professional” means then you shouldn’t be in FIRST… I’m sorry but FIRST isn’t about winning… You should look into what it does mean…