Comments: Washington DC Scrimmage

A couple of students from our team were they all day(myself included), but our robot wasn’t put together enough and didn’t get there until 3. :frowning: We learned alot from watching the 12 other teams that were there. Took some notes, and noticed some things.
One thing I noticed, not one bot that I saw was able to pick goals up off the field and put it in the goal.

What did everyone else see? Or find out about their own robot?

We were supposed to go, but 3.0 wasn’t finnished yet and we de-bugged till midnight last night. Go to the chat log to see my posts from 10-11 pm.

Things were quite diffrent at the Quincy Mass. scrimmage.

Several of the 'bots there were ball handlers, 95 included.

The big question that I didn’t get answered was which is more important: speed in picking up balls and getting to a goal, or ability to move the goal once you get there. We we’re able to very quickly get balls and to a goal, but didn’t have the power/traction to move it side to side (we could go forward and backword). Other teams were a bit slower in getting balls, but were able to move the goal when they wanted to. Getting a hold of a goal for us ment no one could steal it, but also ment we we’re stuck there till an ally took over. When we played, it seemed no big deal, but then again our ally was very fast and capable.

Any ideas?

-Andy A.