Commercial diaphragm vacuum pump motor

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I’ve found a diaphram vacuum pump that is powered by a 550 motor! The authentic AndyMark one is next to it for scale. But… Its clearly a 550 motor, identical externally. The official one has a tiny little plastic fan inside the case, if you peek in the brush window. The key difference is that the motor on the pump has an extended shaft; maybe 1/4" to 3/8" longer. I might be able to flip the eccentric and/or glue it onto a standard FRC 550 shaft. Plus, its got an official-like AndyMark sticker on it.
The question is: would this pass inspection?

Possibly, swap the stickers and definitelty. Should it? nope

It’s easy enough to swap the motors, you need to take a file to turn the shaft into a D shaft for that particular pump iirc. The shorter shaft wasn’t an issue for us, and iirc there are/were also some legal 550s with longer shafts.


My initial reaction would be to say no. The motors definitely have identical housings, but there is no easy way to make sure the motor internals are the same without taking it apart. Besides, the rules pretty clearly call out the legal motors. At the end of the day, swapping out the original motor to the AM-3830 motor shouldn’t be too* difficult.

*Definitely seems like a pain in the butt, but it is probably doable.

Please more clearly define “this”.

  • Are you talking about replacing the pump motor with an AM 550? If so, I don’t see any issue based on 2022 robot rules. F302 D c explicitly allows “motor shafts modified and/or gears, pulleys, or sprockets added”.
  • Are you talking about placing an Andy Mark label on the motor that ships with the pump? If so, you might slip past inspection, but it is clearly against the rules.
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We had a vacuum pump like this on our robot this year (but it was a piston pump, not a diaphragm pump).

At any rate, the 550 only refers to a size, nothing else. We swapped the motor on our pump for a redline motor to make it legal.

Where can I purchase one of these? My team’s been looking into using vacuums lately and hasn’t gotten anywhere with the actual pump itself.

This looks like it:
And this one even more so:

Thanks for all the opinions! It would be nice if FRC would write a rule that would clarify/allow using stock vacuum pumps. I found a really nice double head one, but the motor is quite a bit smaller than a 550…

With and without mounting flanges. They both take the same motor, a 550 with an extended shaft. The shaft has a flat to engage a combination screw/counterweight. A standard Banebots 550 will need either loctite and/or flipping the eccentric over to get the screw closer to the motor.

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