Common Application Help!!

When filling out the common app under the extra curricular activities section, where it asks you to list the activity, do you guys classify FIRST/robotics as Computer/Technology or Science/Math seeing as they don’t have a “robotics” option (how dare they!)?

Help is needed ASAP, my sister is asking me to post this!

Edit:: My sister actually took my computer and posted this, but help is still appreciated.
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Computer / Technology. While science and math are pretty important to robotics, it’s not really along the same lines as, say, a math team, or a science fair entry. It fits more directly into Computer / Technology.

Just my 2c.

Well now I know someone was doing the exact same thing as me today…

Im going to put Computer / Technology, mainly because my job on the team is electrical, programming, website and outreach, three out of four of which fall into computer / technology. I too was surprised to see that robotics didn’t appear on the common app.

Do you think I could put awards won in FRC into the Awards section of the Common App?

I’ve always wondered this. I’ve assumed not but I would love the opinions of anyone else.

For my Common App, I’ve been putting the time invested into my team into two categories–on season and off season. I think it’s only fair to do so since I still do a lot of robotics stuff off season, but not nearly as much as on.

I put team awards/personal awards directly linked to FRC in the “Positions Held, Honors Won, etc…” part under the activity. And I would definitely say FIRST is more of a “Computers/Technology” activity.

Here’s a common app question: Would it sound too FIRST-centric if both my essay and "Please briefly elaborate on one of your extracurricular activities or work experiences in the space below (1000 character maximum). " are both written about FIRST?

Isn’t your life “too” FIRST-centric? Mine certainly is. If FIRST is your most important activity, I would encourage you to discuss it at length.

Ok I have some questions too! So I’m working on my apply Texas app, its very similar to the common app. So in the extra curricular area It allows for name of activity and then a short description of the activity, what do I say to accurately describe FIRST robotics and every thing that goes along with it? I don’t think “we build robots” is very descriptive of what we do.

What I would do is give a short description of FRC then describe what you do on your team.

@stevend1994 Thanks. That’s what I think I will do! If you write both your essays on FIRST, I think that is great! Make sure that the focus is on you throughout those essays. You can also PM me, too, if you need fresh eyes to look over an essay! Good luck.

Both of mine are written about FIRST. So either you’re okay our we’re both FIRST-centric

All of my college essays were about FIRST, and I’m convinced it’s what helped me get into most of the schools I applied to. FIRST is a great program, and colleges realize that.

Good luck to everyone who is applying to college right now!