"Common Mistake" T-shirt

Back in 2008, I recall seeing a team with mentor T-shrits that had something like this on the back:

"No, I’m not a Superhero…

I’m a FIRST Mentor.

Common Mistake."

I think the shirts actually had more to them - something about the characteristics of superheros and mentors - I’m not sure.

Who’s shirts were these? I thought they were fantastic!

  • Mr. Van
    Coach, Robodox

May I please be the first one to say: I.Want.One. :slight_smile:

That is all.


Of course, we are considering making something like this, but we want to make sure we give credit / get approval from whomever came up with it first.

  • Mr. Van

Totally awesome quote! I would love to have a shirt like this. Hope we can find out who made them.

We did a similar thing with our shirts this year, giving a darker shade green and labels for all of our Team Leaders and Mentors. Wish we thought of this before!

I might make these for our mentors…that’s awesome! You could make it like those t shirts that look like a tux but instead make it look like a cape with a tie in the front and the cape in the back, but flat on the shirt. I love it!

I would get a shirt like that!

Our team has pick shirts with blue lettering for the students, and blue shirts with pink lettering for the mentors. It works out pretty well, since all the students are female, and most of the mentors (4/6) are male!

I need that. Sometimes I feel like a superhero but I tell my students I really am not, and they need to step it up, because I can’t always save the day.

Haha oh man, please make this. I absolutely need one.

If someone has a design (or two) drawn up, have you considered submitting it to a t-shirt voting site like Threadless. With some promotion on CD the design should be able to get enough votes that it actually gets produced. That way anyone who is interested can order one online without any team needing to front a potentially large order and manage the distribution themselves.

Note: I have never used Threadless and have no connection to the company, but just wanted to offer a possible expedient option.

I am SO making these for our mentors! :smiley:

What about a cape instead of a T-Shirt ?
(And yes, I am familiar with the movie, “The Incredibles”.)

I’m in for one if the price is between $10-12. I like the idea of a design poll, and having a team like 599 produce these to sell as a small fundraiser. I suggest only 1 color, but certainly no more than 2 to keep costs down.


So here’s an interpretation of the shirt idea. This is still pretty rough and I apologize for the low quality of the image, it hurts my eyes to look at it. The two versions are one and two colors. The t shirt/ink color could be changed. I know the “I’m not a” text looks really thin hard to read in this image but I would beef it up a bit for the real thing. I like the feel of the font and the contrast with the other typeface. I hope it doesn’t come across as too girly…

I’m thinking of making these for my mentors regardless, but if people really like them and no one else already called dibs I would consider making these and selling them as a team fundraiser. We could really use the money.

Thoughts? :slight_smile:


That’s actually kind of cool. I like the red/black version.

I would LOVE to orders those for our mentors, depending on cost! I like the top one best, but they are both really neat!

I think the front to back nature of the message. Reading only the back could be misleading. I’d put the common mistake on the front and have the back read “I get it all the time.”

I like this idea (the white text pops a little more to me) and I’d totally get one - but remember to follow the FIRST Branding Standards if you plan on using the logo.


-Your Friendly Neighborhood FIRST Marketing Intern.

Edit: This would include having FIRST in the right font, and with the (R) - so please check carefully.

I want one!

Thanks for the feedback everyone!

Libby, I did this really late and didn’t have a chance to get the proper font. I will be changing that ASAP. No worries :slight_smile:

I think the front to back nature of the message. Reading only the back could be misleading. I’d put the common mistake on the front and have the back read “I get it all the time.”

Bill, that’s a really good point. I’ll have to figure out how to fix that. I don’t want to have too much text on the front. Does anyone have any ideas for that?

I was hoping to produce these in house to maximize profits and keep the cost low for teams, but I’m worried about the actual production. Online purchasing shouldn’t be a problem but more making the shirts on demand. Does anyone have any experience with this?

I’ve been making t shirts for a long time but it’s great to have one that so many people can relate with!