Common things team did in the 2007 FRC season...

I’ve just watched a few vids of the 2007 FRC season teams posted, and I’ve seen some common things teams did in the more social way inside the team itself(which means except building a robot):

  • Trap a team member with as many tubes as possible.
  • Team members walking with tubes on them for fun.

ok, well…that’s actully all I’ve found out… if anyone has any other idea what else most FRC teams did this year, in the more social terms inside the team itself, feel free to mention it here.

Pool noodle sword fighting. Seen other teams as well as mine do this.

Exploding Bacon played Human Rack and Roll…there is video on Utube somewhere. It was a blast

-Using the rack as a jungle gym
-Capping people instead of spider legs

A Team 190 tradition: CRUD! It provides fun and relaxation for the team members, as well as being a great bonding activity.

There were some dodgeball matches with last year’s poofs. The Ball of Justice made some appearances as well.
One social activity that may turn into a tradition occurred at IRI. Several of our team members brought their Magic decks and were playing in the commons area by the concessions. In hardly any time at all, several tables were filled by other teams playing Magic. It was a great icebreaker to meet & befriend people from afar, without feeling obligated to talk only about robots.

I put on the mascot suit and beat up my team

All in good fun of course.

Human Rack and Roll was definately a blast. We had a mentor-only match, and a match with just students where we really lifted each other for bonus points.

The most common thing I saw this year was girls making skirts out of broken inner tubes. (This happens a lot when you have a lot of girls who are on a field reset crew you are on and we are given the ok to destroy the broken tubes after you all pop them in battle.) :stuck_out_tongue:

Since my start in FIRST in 2001, I’ve noticed the one common thing among teams through the competion season is always something with the game item, so in this year tubes were the common item to “play” with while waiting for matches, and at other times when there were lulls in activity.

This is true of every year, and most often observed while on Field Reset crews.
We have fun doing field reset, and each try to out do each other with the game elements in a fun way while waiting on matches or any time really.

2007 - Tube skirts, or using tubes as seats in the pits, sumo tube matches.
2006 - Dodgeball with the Poof balls or juggling them, spinning them on your hand.
2005 - Stacking of the tetras in unique ways, carrying people while sitting “in” tetras, seeing who can fit in a tetra.
2004 - Sitting on the balls or playing volleyball with them.
2003 - Sitting in or on the bins, making Bin-Person costumes, or remote control bin robots.
2002 - Playing soccer, or just doing some tricks (ie: juggling (by foot or hand))
2001 - More juggling, kickball, and tossing the 2 different size balls around.

One of our mentors has a pool in his house, so each year the team meets in his house the first and last meeting of the season, this year, we used the tubes in the pool, which are awesome! and last year we played water polo with poofs…
looks like there is something about game elements and team members playing with them :smiley:

my sckool uses the 2006 ball we got as DODGE BALLS and ya ther used by everyone now haha they work a hole let better then any thing else trust me on this one

the grr teams play ufh ultimate first hockey it’s like hockey but with a poof ball for the puck a polycarbonate from a the triple play field and jr size carbon fiber hockey sticks
3 vs 3
safety glasses at all times
goals were a made of cardboard boxes
it was awesome

duct tape… need i say more? :cool:

surran rap people. :smiley:

lol thats so fun. I did that to my brother.

that’s hilarious! we played dodgeball too!!!

waking up people sleeping on the floor using the robot’s arm,
or the Vex.

“it wasn’t me, and there were others doing it, too…” =]

and we also played some human R&R ^^.

the hole school plays dodge ball. …

what are team does for fun is gets warm by a torch do to the fact that its winter and where in a two car guarge :slight_smile: its fun

Our shop is pretty frigid too…heat guns are fun. :slight_smile: