Communcation between Raspberry Pi and RoboRio configured for Java

Is it possible to communicate between a Raspberry Pi and a RoboRio configured for Java? I read all the docs and was unable to find anywhere where it clearly stated that it was possible to communicate between a RoboRio configured for Java and a RoboRio. I assume it is possible based on this thread, but I don’t know for sure.

Any help is appreciated

KING TeC 2169

I don’t know the exact code, but we are doing it via Network Tables. I think one of our programmers was also doing it via sockets.

currently im trying the pynetworktables module, and i have my laptop communicating to robot through that. (windows install: “pip install pynetworktables”) and so far its been working ok. the next phase is to try on the pi, and hope and pray that i can get mdns to work

Use static ips. mDNS is a bad idea.