Communicating to human player which game piece to put into play?

We did LEDs in 20 mins by:

Buying a WS2812 LED strip on Amazon. These can be cut up and soldered together with wires.

Then, using the VRM or PCM, connect VCC and GND to the 5-volt 2-amp rail.
Connect the signal to the signal pin on any port on the PWM rail on the RIO.

Finally, use the AddressableLED class from WPILib. Implement some super simple logic and you’re good to go.

Docs: Addressable LEDs — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation
Example: allwpilib/ at main · wpilibsuite/allwpilib · GitHub

It’s so easy I don’t see the point in using a CTRE CANdle or REV Blinkin.


Very helpful response, thank you.


The drive team does the YMCA. :rofl: Stopping on the C is for Cube, stopping on the A is for the cone (shaped like an A). Just don’t forget the code, and think that C is for Cone.



E109. *Some things don’t belong at events. Do not bring or use the following:
E. noisy devices or noisemakers

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TIL I’m not allowed at events