Communication methods and results

Could someone give me some clarification on this topic? I’m confused whether it means with people outside of FIRST (even though that would seem more related to ways of spreading FIRST message), communication within the team to create a friendlier atmosphere, or does it mean communication within the team to optimize effeciency?

It would be good for FIRST to put an “intent” type of explanation ( in the awards manual ) on this particular question. There seems to be regular confusion on the issue.

My interpretation - given that the CA is given to teams to are role models and exhibit characteristics that promote the vision and mission of FIRST - then the conclusion would be how the team communicates to their audience - changing the culture of their local and greater community.

In simple terms - how does your team communicate to everyone outside their team about the relevance, importance, recognition, of STEM activities ?

It isn’t a metric of how well the team communicates internally or your teams internal dynamics.

Ed is correct that it is mostly about external communications, but our interpretation also included effective communication within the team as well. Communicating with and involving parents, mentors teaching students, giving students the opportunity to communicate their vision for the team, and communicating with other teams was also a part of our presentation.

So in the end we always felt that it was about “all types” of communication, with the biggest part being the community & school outreach.

Hope this helps.

That’s what I originaly thought, but there’s a separate section called “Team’s innovative methods to spread the FIRST message” that seems to take that place. :confused:

Check out the various team essays (particularly the winning ones) that have been posted for examples of what other teams have put in this category.