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thanks for replying :slight_smile: what post in the thread is this discussion located at? I was looking for it, but to no avail, as I could not find it.



My problem still happens on multiple different robots with different batteries in them. Could this still mean that the brown outages could be the cause of my overall problem? or is it more likely to be a different problem? Thanks!

It’s possible if you have loose battery lugs on multiple batteries then that could be causing your problems. Or if multiple batteries are damaged or start out undercharged, then that could also cause it. All of the connections between the battery and PDP should be tight enough that you can’t move them by hand. Fully charged batteries should be >12.5V resting (before the robot is enabled), and shouldn’t drop significantly when a small load is placed on them. If you have a Battery Beak or other resistive battery tester, this would be a good time to check that all of your batteries are in good health and fully charging.

I saw in your other thread the log with all of the brownouts. That looks like a classic case of low batteries/loose connections. Checking the logs you posted here again, the voltage doesn’t drop low enough to cause brownouts but hovers at a less-than-fully-charged level for the whole time. I’d make sure you are fully charging your batteries before putting them on the robot.

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We have a very unique software setup though, so I’m still unsure if it’s related to the issues your seeing.

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