Communications Problems After Update

As per directed at the preseason Week 0 event held yesterday in Nashua, NH, we updated our cRio to the latest image. Since this point, we’ve had what can best be described as serious communications problems. We are able to establish communications for roughly two seconds. However, after this point, we lose comms. Comms can then be reestablished, however, we inevitably lose them again.

We were able to determine that the problem was not linked to our DLink bridge, as even when using the bridge from last year, we have the same problems. I’ve heard talk of other teams having this problem as well. If this is indeed the case, is there any available information with regards to a possible fix? It’d be quite nice if we could use our robot in this crucial time :smiley:

As you can see from this thread that I started:

We faced a very similar problem at Suffield yesterday. We also were able to confirm the functionality of DLink both by FTA personnel and by letting our rookie team make use of it during a match. Note that we had also updated their cRIO to the v28 version and downloaded their code from our programming laptop. However, we were also never able to obtain communications at the competition. We tried several different configurations including back tracking to the v27 cRIO image with no success.

We are currently working feverishly to try to debug this issue. We currently have 2 DLinks (we purchased a second one when we thought we had fried the first one since it stopped working) connecting to eachother one as a Bridge and the other as an AccessPoint… and were able to connect to another laptop (configured with the same IP address as the cRIO) at the other end. However, when we replaced that laptop with the cRIO we were unable to see it. We then tried to backup further to the v25 cRIO image… still no communication.

Please keep in touch if you find out anything and we will do the same. Good luck!

We switched out our cRIO, and for now, we’re not having any problems. It’s also worth noting that, on the second cRIO, the analog breakout board from which we determine the battery voltage actually worked, instead of giving us superficially low and varying voltages. We’ll update you if the problem returns, but for now, it appears as though it’s decided to fix itself.

Just kidding. We’re having the same problems again. ><

After further examining our cRIO, we noticed that the bolts holding it in place were touching an aluminum shoulder joint, which in turn was touching the chassis. Call this a dumb coincidence, but our problem has indeed been resolved. :slight_smile: