Hello all, I am designing a communications system to be used at the regionals we will be attending, this system will be available for all teams as long as they adhere to the rules we set. In Atlanta i will also have a communications system set up between the pits and the stands, once again this will be available for all teams to use. Hopefully if I am correct in my calculations i will also be able to receive and retransmit at a higher power the sundial signal. This system will work with laptop or wireless devices able to pick up a wifi signal. Hopefully this will help many teams in their communications. As a side note this will only be set up if the administration at the regionals and championships permits me to set this up, if not then I’m sorry to everyone

Anyone who will be attending the ny, Pittsburgh, and sbli tournaments and want to partake in the system, pm or im me and let me know, so i can build the system to accept multiple teams

Is there any way that i can set up the system for the Arizona regional?

are you sure this is going to be legal?
i seem to remember that last year at the VCU regional there was some rule against sending signals other than those FIRST provides.

like something about dont even try to access the net from the pits…

just throwing it out there, i dont want you to do all that work just to get shut down…