Communities like Chief Delphi for design reviews

Graduated awhile back and my love for engineering has only expanded, however, I haven’t been able to find a community similar to Chief Delphi. I learned so much through design reviews on cd and frc discord and would love to have a space to talk with other people who love engineering as much as I do!

Looking for an outlet to discuss technical mechanical design problems outside of frc. Does such a community exist?

For reference, the designs I’m currently working on :slight_smile:

You’ll always get design feedback on Chief Delphi. The best part is, every once in a while, it’s good feedback!


Warthunder forums are pretty good at that. Lots of good designs on there


This design looks great! The mechanisms really look like they’re going to mechanical.


I agree with you that is looks great. By which I mean that the looks of it are great. No clue on function.

The video game??

To me it looks like an in wheel differential/drive…at least that’s my best guess.

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Likely a joke about this. It’s happened a few times now.




Building a hybrid gas-electric Onewheel. Doing a parallel hybrid, hence the differential

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FYI, you need to think through the “off” state for each drive. You likely need a brake mechanism on both, if they are capable of free spinning. If one spins, you won’t get the wheel driven forward.

There are trade organizations for most engineering fields. The trouble with design reviews on a list like CD is that is a little like free labor. Also if you give incorrect information that end up costing a lot of money, you could end up legally liable or being sued. Just being sued is very expensive just to get to a summary judgement.

Both spin at the same time. The motor essentially smooths out the torque of the engine and biases the torque to the set point (since it’s hard to precisely control engine torque)