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I’m a mentor on FRC Team 7400, The ThunderMiners, a community-based team on Long Island, NY. We recently needed to search for a new club insurance provider with general liability, and were wondering what insurance the other community-based teams were using these days? We aren’t looking for anything too expensive, but any suggestion would be greatly appreciated!

If you would like to directly email us: [email protected]

If you have a 501©(3), there is a nonprofit alliance that offers insurance. Nonprofits Insurance Alliance Group. I googled and found it, it’s pretty reasonable; they bill us about $65 per month.


We will definitely look into that! Thank you!

Full disclosure I work for a large insurance provider.

My recommendation to you would be to go through an agent when shopping for insurance for a non profit. It is extremely important you are covered with the proper liability Insurance, as well as property. While you’re at it, learn about how to cover team property while transporting it with personal vehicles. At some point you might also purchase a team trailer, make sure you learn how this can get covered as well (and trailer contents).

Over the summer I plan to put together a resource on this topic with collaboration from a few non profits and insurance companies.


Thank you! I did some more digging on CD and found that a lot of people were recommending agents so I brought that up with the lead mentors.

Just want to clarify, that NonProfit Alliance site refers you to an agent. In my case, the agent that got in touch with me turned out to be the same one that I use for my PL and employment-related insurance. She helped us to get the right coverage. But through the Alliance site I was able to determine that she was the right person to help with it; I didn’t know her firm handled that, as well as business insurance and honestly, didn’t think to ask.

Looks like I’m going to be making some phone calls about this sort of thing as well. @Squillo does that $65 / month cover travel, liability, etc? Is it for the entire organization (team/volunteers). I’m kind of looking for a starting point for a crude budget for a community team. I am also wanting to have an idea of what questions I should be asking (or that the agent should be asking).

Some folks become either 4H teams or Venture Scouts just for the liability insurance. It’s probably the cheapest option around.

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Note that the required coverage (and associated costs) will vary greatly state-to-state for non-profits/youth organizations. 6328 had to go through this process a few years ago in Massachusetts. So it’s important that whoever you’re talking with (and shopping around is a good idea) is experienced handling youth non-profits in your state so they understand local regulations.

Good luck!


Take a look at becoming a 4-H team, it’s been a super positive relationship for us. They already know so much about running clubs/teams.

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