Community Service Hours

I know some teams give their students community service hours for time spent working on the robot/on the team. Personally we do not, and I disagree with FIRST qualifying as “community service” (FIRST imho is self-serving) any more then an athletic team. Perhaps for public demonstrations, they are appropriate. Anyway, I was curious if your team got hours, when, and why.

Um…if we are in the I.B. program…our hours working can count towards our C.A.S. hours…i think it is fair for that because it is a creative thing…

whoa!! if I got community service hours for working at FIRST I think I’d blow colleges away at how much I served the community :smiley: seriously, the hours would be off the scale for me. maybe teams do it to encourage their students to come? I don’t know, but I agree with you, I don’t think working on a robot should count as community service hours.


No Community Service Hours for our team

Also Ive seen teams get HS and College Credits for being on their teams…well we don’t have that either

I think almost everyone on our team got 3 credits at a local community college. On the slip that came in the mail, the course was called “Introduction to Robotics.” We don’t know if this will be transferable anywhere, but its pretty cool imo.

No one on GRT gets community service hours for working on the robot. However, I’m sure if someone wanted to record their hours spent doing our community outreach on to one of the service hour forms, our adviosor would approve of them.

We do get 10 high school credits for being on the team, since our team meets during one school period in the Engineering Tech class. We do shop training, design challenges, hear lectures on structures and materials, and organize our outreach projects during the class period.

Gunn Robotics, Team #192