Community Service Ideas/Help

Hello! My name is Arian and I’m from team 3355. Recently my team partnered up with my school’s Key Club and Beta Club. We started a small service project to give thanks to all first responders and medical professionals. We made over 400 emails to send to medical staff to give our thanks and encouragement to them. I wanted to spread the idea in order to see if anyone else has contacts to managment emails at hospitals and other locations, as we want to continue to send more emails to hospital workers. If anyone would like to join in on the service project, I was thinking about talking with some teams and thinking about who else we could send the messages to on discord or zoom.
Our Beta Club actually got recognized for this and this explains what we are doing probably better than I can.
If you want to help I would be more than open to meet and talk about improvements to the projects and I appreciate any help for getting in contact with hospitals in order to send the emails.

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