Community Zero

Posted by Leon Machado IV at 05/09/2001 5:05 AM EST

Other on team #88, TJ², from Bridgewater State College and DePuy, Codman, & DePuy Acromed, a J&J Company.

Does anyone know how realiable or good this site is. We’re considering using for a lot of information transfer among our own team. It looks a lot like ecircles. Please post here or email me at [email protected]. Thanks.

Leon Machado IV
Alumnist of TJ²

Posted by Angela Hall at 05/12/2001 8:30 PM EST

Student on team #180, SPAM Robotics, from Martin County High School and UTC/Pratt&Whitney .

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Posted by Leon Machado IV on 05/09/2001 5:05 AM EST:

I have a community on Community Zero. Very good service. You can post pictures, have discussions, and share files. I strongly recommend it.