Do I need to use the comp_mode for anything?

And how will testing at competition be done to ensure autonomous mode is obeyed and operators aren’t really driving during this period ?

Code bugs happen, how will they ensure that the robot obeys ?

Just curious. I use the auton_mode to determine if autonomous or user driven.


Taken directly from the Default code:

  Bit 7 of the PB_mode byte (aliased as comp_mode below) indicates the status
 of the Competition Control, either Enabled or Disabled.  This indicates the
  starting and stopping of rounds at the competitions.
  Comp_mode is indicated by a solid "Disabled" LED on the Operator Interface.
  Comp_mode = 1 for Enabled, 0 for Disabled.

In other words, when comp_mode is 1, your robot runs, otherwisw it doesn’t

As to the other question, you have to stand behind a line during Autonomous mode, and can only cross it to hit the kill switch. I’m sure someone will make sure noone violates the rule.

–Damian Manda - From Update 11

For whatever reason, IFI inverted the comp_mode bit from what the comments in the source code say.