Compact Scouting Sheet


Hello all!

I quickly whipped up a simple, compact (admittedly a bit ugly) scouting sheet in Google Sheets to be used as a baseline for any teams looking to design a fairly simple (paper) scouting form that can easily be mass-produced while using as little paper as possible. It can be found here.

The idea is to place a checkmark if teams successfully place the game piece in each slot marked. If the objective was completed during the Sandstorm period, perhaps students could write an “S” instead of a checkmark and back up with Pit Scouting data whether the task was done autonomously or through driver control.

If interest arises, I may go back and make it look neater. Otherwise, I’m probably going to leave it as is. I realize it isn’t the prettiest scouting sheet (and students with big handwriting may have trouble), but it certainly gets the job done.

Constructive feedback is appreciated!


I think your scouting sheet is great, and I made a little modification and added a recording about the autonomous.


This actually looks pretty good. Quite a bit of information can be collected using this. I made a few changes myself to the format but that is just to my preference. The only thing that see that may be missing would be something for Sandstorm. Don’t know if that would be needed though.


I have backed your sheet up on my FRC Resource Page here to make sure it stays accessible longer.