CompactRIO - new Control System by NI

Has anyone seen the new control system for 2009 by National Instruments?

Here are the specs:
400MHz PowerPC processor
64 MB RAM and 128 MB FLASH storage
WiFi, 802.11a (not confirmed which standard), to wirelessly download code and debug on the fly.
JIT (Just In Time) debugging while writing the code
Code can be written in C, C++, or Labview by NI
All digital i/o managed by a digital sidecar
All analog i/o (8 ports) managed by an analog sidecar with 500MHz sample rate (I think)
Centralized power supply and distribution
PowerVision control for visual tracking, 15 FPS display, and OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
Modular design of i/o
Dual ethernet @ 10/100 MB/s
New dashboard to monitor and send data to RC
USB joystick control

Another feature I thought of was wireless comm with alliance partners (reps said probably not for 2009)

Will update with pics as soon as I can get a good WiFi connection/a computer with ActiveSync or WMDC:)