Companies that were present at Worlds in 2022

Hi All - So I am doing an assignment for my AP Biology class, where we can pick any topic within bioethics and present on it. I picked organ regeneration and I wanted to reach out to a company that was at worlds last year, but I literally cannot remember the name. I’m coming here to see if anyone else remembered. They had organ scaffolding and had a demonstration showing how they removed STEM cells and then replaced them back in the organ. They also had a google form they had people fill out to gauge interest in people wanting to learn more.

I was just wondering if anyone remembers the name. Thanks so much!

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Perhaps this can jump-start your memory?

You’re probably thinking of United Therapeutics - Our Company | United Therapeutics or ARMI

Dean actually works on organ regeneration w/ ARMI.

Dean Kamen on the power of celebrating your own obsoletion | TechCrunch

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