Company logos in (2D) CAD

Anyone know of any resources out there with a library of company logos in 2D CAD?

Looking for .dxf’s or even (AutoCAD) .dwg files.

Most specifically, I’m looking for the Monster Energy Drink logo.

I can take the time to draw it out which would only be time consuming, not difficult per-say, but was just wondering if anyone had a resource for these types of things.

3D models could help too btw.

Thanks in advance!

I hate to say it, but your probably going to have to do a massive polyline. I did our team logo on AutoCAD and that took weeks. Each polyline has 50+ points and it has 10+ polylines. You probably know this, but it helps to trace. I’m not sure what you need it for, but I’d just insert a picture and trace it. If 3d is necessary, import to Inventor and extrude/or whatever you need. I know this might not be that helpful, but if I knew the goal, I could probably help more.

I’ve done that before with the old school FIRST logo by doing just what you are saying. I’m not declined to do that, I just was looking for a faster way. lol

I’m just going to use the .dxf of that to send to a laser cutter for a side-project.

And I like the look of the Monster logo, so having it drawn up & easily usable for something (laser cutting, graphics, CNC, etc…) would just be cool. lol


Do you have a way to convert files from encapsulated postscript (.eps) to .dxf or .dwg?

Brands of the World has the logo in an .eps formatted file, if so.

A super hokey way to do it is to copy the logo into photoshop and make a black and white image of the outline. Use this as a height map, and apply the original logo as the texture map. Then cut off the bottom.

You can do this in 3DS max easily, not sure about more caddish tools.

AutoCAD (R14 mind you… lol) enabled me to import the EPS, & then export it as a dxf.
When I opened the .DXF I was able to explode it & now it basically looks like an 8-bit video game with a lot of 90º right angles to deal with. lol
This works great, because now I’m just going to draw a grid of lines in AutoCAD & trim away what I don’t need.

Thanks. I think I found a solution as of now!

After some trial & error, this finally came out pretty good.

Good stuff. all from an .eps image file… It came in like 8-bit graphics… I just added the outer lines in CAD.

I outlined it basically… I’m gonna see if I can do the same with the new* FIRST* logo’s they have on the FIRST site… w00t! Hopefully they have an .eps version. <crosses fingers>

The first version of this I had was completely a grid. Maybe I’ll make a LEGO mosaic out of it… if I get the right color bricks. (And maybe one of the FIRST logo too if I get around to it - I already have a request to do another one of something different… Aye… the price of knowing things… lol)

Attached is the completely outlined Monster logo without the color removed.

monster logo (Small).JPG

monster logo (Small).JPG