Comparing a FIRST Robot to the Organelles of a Cell

I have a project due in a few days

I was going to compare a robot’s parts to the organelles of a cell…im just having a really hard time organizing which components i should use to compare the organelles…

These are the organelles i have to use…

endoplasmic reticulum
Golgi apparatus

Thanks Guys!

This is a rather tough fit…

Ribosomes would certainly be motors.
But then the nucleolus isn’t exactly clear unless it’s AndyMark :stuck_out_tongue:
Nucleus is the “programming center,” I’d go with the cRIO
Vacuole holds the materials, so I’d go with battery
Golgi could be the end effector (the final shooter/ball handler)
You could call the ER the power-distribution board…
Things like the centriole, nucleolus, and lysosomes don’t have very good direct parallels…

since lysosomes are there to kill the cell if anything goes wrong, they could be the one bolt that kills the bot when it falls out :smiley: