Comparing Notes for Mechanum Code

Hello, Last year our team used a mechanum drive system for our robot. This year we are looking to streamline and improve our code.

Last year we scratch built our code, I was wondering if any other teams did that. I don’t want to use the holonomic vi, if anyone has examples that dont use that, it would be most appreciated.


It’s actually pretty simple to program yourself.
I helped a team do that last season.
I have the code on another computer if I can remember I’ll post it.

But look through the white papers here on Chiefdelphi and checkout some of the threads on the topic.

Why not?

We started by making our own holonomic code in LabVIEW last year. We switched to the provided Holonomic Drive vi as soon as we could, specifically to “streamline and improve our code.” It cuts down on the clutter in the block diagram and removes a bunch of places where errors might creep in.