Compatibility issues with the parts file for inventor 2012

As we began our design in Inventor we tried downloading the Parts files and the Commpetition field from the AUTODesk website. I have Inventor 2011 and tried to use the files and got a RSe stream error(compatabilty error is what it means. If somone could help me out here? I believe if someone could save the file as a 2011 version that would be wonderful.

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I have Inventor 2012 and can open every file from Autodesk website just fine. My problem is that our team uses Solidworks. I can’t find the site with the KOP for Solidworks. Can anyone provide me with that link?

I feel like I am wasting my time by going into Inventor and converting each file to a STEP file and then opening it up in Solidworks…

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It’s been a few years since I messed with SW but I seem to remember it had an onboard system something like Inventor’s content center, so that you could search for and import the files without leaving SolidWorks.

Hi, we are having the same problem as you are, have you found a solution to the problem?

If you can’t use Inventor 2012, you could use Free Inventor Fusion to save the files in a neutral format for opening in 2011.

Students can download Inventor 2012 here

Anyone can download Inventor Fusion here

The Competition Field is already converted to a STEP field, so you can open that in Autodesk Inventor 2011. Download it from the Education Community.

Also in that area you can download the KOP from 2011. That would resolve most of your needs for CAD models.