Competing with second robot

Our team is discussing whether or not it is right to use our practise robot in competitions. Personally, I’m not sure if that is the right thing to do. Is it explicitly illegal to do so, and if not, how much of the robot can we replace?

Anything that you don’t bag tomorrow needs to be part of your withholding allowance, or COTS.

R01 specifies ONE robot. So, if you have a practice robot, don’t bring it with you to competition.

However, if you also happen to be using the practice robot as a place for spare parts to be tested (and who wouldn’t raid a practice robot to have spares for the competition robot?), you can have up to 30 lbs of fabricated items and unlimited COTS items, which may or may not have been tested on the practice robot at your option.

To to be 100% clear: It is explicitly illegal to compete with a robot that isn’t bagged tomorrow (2/19) by midnight. You can bring up to 30 pounds of fabricated items* and all the COTS* stuff you want to competition, and install that on the (just unbagged) robot.

*Look in the rules for definitions.