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I’m looking to get some feedback on a concept that I’ve been working on for a few months… With the 2021 FRC/FTC seasons up in the air, and many teams looking for supplemental activities that they can do during the COVID-19 pandemic, I’m hoping that the COR Drone Challenge can serve as a fun option for teams to stay connected to each other, and the broader community.

The document linked at the bottom of this post describes the COR Drone Challenge in more detail, but basically it will be a drone flying competition for team members to compete with each other in small groups (or virtually) in intra-team tournaments, and for teams to compete with other teams from all over the FIRST world in a virtual competition.

The COR Drone Challenge Tournament will include some fun prizes including a $250 gift card for the top submission, and $50 gift cards for everybody in the top 10% of submissions. Submissions will consist of a one minute video showing the team’s highest scoring competition run. Check out the following video introduction to the COR Drone Challenge for more context!

COR Drone Challenge Video

A kit for the COR Drone Challenge will cost $170 and include a drone, drone controller, two drone batteries, drone obstacle course, and a tournament registration code. One kit can easily support a group of 5-10 students at a time for an in-person tournament, or can be packed up and taken home by team members as they compete against each other virtually. There will also be options to bundle equipment to support more students at a time for in-person tournaments. Additional registration codes will also be available for $20 if a team wants to submit more than one prize-eligible competition run for the tournament.

If you have any interest in participating in this concept, or know somebody who might be interested, it would be amazing if you could take the following survey! The contents of the kit will be useful beyond just the tournament for outreach, team bonding activities, and even for use in a classroom setting.


I’m happy to answer any questions!

COR Drone Challenge.pdf (1.0 MB)


Looks like a fun way to get some new students down to our robotics lab! Assuming we are allowed to have students in the building this fall we are in!

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Providing an update on this since the school year is well underway. I didn’t end up running the actual competition due to lack of interest. I have however had multiple teams purchase drones for use in their classrooms. The feedback I’ve had so far is very positive!

I’m also working to provide supplemental intra-team competitions for teams that are looking for activities that go beyond the 2021 FRC options. If your team is looking for other fun activities to keep your students engaged feel free to reach out about it!

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