Competition Manual

Im trying to put together a competition manual to set standards for what needs to be done and what is to be expected both game wise and behavior wise at competitions. I was wondering if anyone knew anything that could help.

I was wondering what standards are set for behavior wise at the competitions. Like, are those who attend expected to be cheerful at competition, what is/is not allowed (sleeping in the stands, working on non-robotics/school stuff).

I would also like to know what you look for when acquiring drivers, coaches, human players, etc.

Everything that you think might help me will be appreciated. Im trying to get somewhat of a developmental project started before i leave the team for college. (sorta like a last will and testiment)

sleeping and homework not allowed?? hmm, i think my team would die without these :smiley:

well i think people should follow the same school rules, also dont insult other teams and there robots, giveaways, pits, etc., just the basic use ur brain stuff.

I’m not sure if your team travels together to events, but one I always have to giggle at is “No boys and girls may sit together in the same seat”. Be sure to place something about proper team appearal (uniform), meaning to always have on team shirt, hat, pants, etc.

Well our team isnt as organized at the competitions as we need to be. Im trying to 1. jumpstart our team for the next regional, and 2. establish standards for future competitions.

Personally, yes i am tired at the competitions myself, after getting up early and working all day on a robot, but the sleeping on our team usually are those who come to the competition and do nothing.

Its just something to think about.

On our team we encourage that students talk to the judges, not adults, that our pit is never unattended without a student who is familiar with the teams’ hilites and can quickly communicate them.

At AZ the judges came by 3xs to the pit next to us before I was able to find their team member to tell them to keep an informed student in the pit so an opportunity to talk with a judge, or the judge’s probably time urgent need to get a question answered about your team, isn’t lost. We keep an eye out for rookie teams who may need a heads up about that.

We create a quick written rules test all drive team members must pass. We don’t make it a pass/fail so to speak. It’s a friendly learning tool that everyone must learn the rules and pass the test. Answers are given until they can come up with all the answers. It’s not to browbeat anybody - it’s to help them learn the rules.

If our members aren’t working on the robot, or in the bleachers programming, or working on other team related stuff, they are expected to put in time “marketing” the team by passing out buttons and answering questions, or by seeking out teams who need help with something - especially rookie teams.

Look for a White Paper soon on Team 217’s guide for team members on how to act at competitions.