Competition Pack List

Hi all, I am looking NOT to reinvent the wheel - LOL
Does anyone have a “pack list” for competitions that they would be willing to share? I figure it will be easier to tweak a list than start from scratch.
Thanks, and good luck to everyone!

  1. Flux capacitor
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Bring 2 you wouldn’t want your only one to disappear to 1985

  1. Bomb casing full of used pinball machine parts to trade for plutonium to power #1.

(Sorry couldn’t resist.)

-20lbs of withheld robot parts
-Competition toolbox
-Drills and bits (extra 1/8th size)
-socket and wrench sets
-chain break
-Wire cutters and crimps
-other robot specific tools
-Driver station
-Crate of OTS replacement parts (extra motors, gearboxes, wheels, etc.)
-Spare electronic components
-Wires and connectors
-Pit setup/decorations
-Spirit stuff (pins, giveaways, etc)
-Clipboards and scouting sheets


30 pounds sounds about right.

Robot and bumpers…

-battery chargers
-safety glasses
-Bag and Tag form
-Bill of Materials

It isn’t critical, but I like to bring a printer too, since there always seems to be someone on our team or another team who needs one (and to copy the match list a bunch of times)

PitListBAE2013.pdf (221 KB)

Above is the pit list for AIR Strike for the BAE GSR this week. We are bringing two rolling wire carts with colored bins as well as a tool box. As you can see, each tool and spare part has a location.

This list is printed double sided, laminated, and is left in multiple locations in the pit.

We had trouble in the past with bringing too much equipment we didn’t need while leaving important items home.

Hopefully we can get a picture of the pit posted after the event.

PitListBAE2013.pdf (221 KB)

PitListBAE2013.pdf (221 KB)

Extra B&T bag and zip ties.

In the 2012 Administrative Manual, section 4 had a sample pack list on pages 20/21.

Extra PWM and/or CAN cable.

Spare motor controllers

Spare wheels & treading (unless you’re using aluminum wheels, in which case you could probably get away with just treads).

Figure out which parts of your robot are most likely to break, and take an extra one of those if you have the leftover weight to do so.

Lockup Form Lockup Form Lockup Form Lockup Form Lockup Form

It doesn’t matter what else you bring with you, if you do not have this one form you cannot even enter the building!

You can enter the building, you just can’t unbag the robot.

Thanks to all! Enjoyed the humor, too!

Here’s hoping Airstrike is on our alliance every time!!!

(BTW, we DID forget the drive station last year, had to drive 4 hours round trip in a snow storm.)

Thats on our robot:)

Printed Team Roster from TIMS, and Consent/Release forms for those who didn’t do so online.

Edit: Here’s our list for this year. Note that some of these things are just in case other teams might need them.

Withholding Allowance:
Spare Wheel Pods

From Practice Bot:
Digital Sidecar
Analog Breakout
PWM Cables
Air Compressor
Solenoids (that work)
Mecanum Wheels

From Mr. Freivald’s Room:
Soldering Iron
Teflon Tape
Finger guillotine
Electrical Tape – Red
Electrical Tape – Black
Friction Tape
Wire Strippers
Vise Grips
C Clamps
Hack Saw
Dremel Tool
Tap and Die Set
Socket Set
Side Cutters
Staple Gun
Hot Glue Gun
Power strips
Extension Cord(s)
Machine Cart (with drawers)
DeWalt Drills
Corded Drill
Dremel Tools
Battery Cart
Battery Chargers
Banner Pole
Two Wheeler
Bat House
Pop-up Tent
PWM pins and housings
PWM Crimpers
Safety Glasses

From Mr. Ayers’s Room:
Hand Broom
Dust Pan

From closet
Air Compressor
Plastic boxes: pneumatics, Victors/Spikes, COTS spare parts, motors, electrical/sensors, etc.
VexPro Versaplanetary hardware
BAG Motors
Legal COTS motors
Spring Pins and kit
Surgical Tubing
Zip Ties (Preferably White)
Keyway broach sets (2)
Hex Broach
1/8” Aluminum Plate
¼” Aluminum Plate
¾” Aluminum Square Stock
1” Aluminum Square Stock
Aluminum Angle
Igus Pillow Blocks
Team Schedule Dry Erase Sheet
Dry Erase Markers

Critical Things to Bring:
The Robot!!!
Practice Robot (leave in trailer, for cannibalization if necessary)
Batteries for Multimeters
Driver’s Station
Driver’s Station Laptop
Driver’s Station Laptop Charger
Tether Cable(s)
Crossover Cable(s)
Programming Laptop
Programming Laptop Charger
Axis Cameras
“Bag and Tag” Form
“Bag and Tag” Bags and Tags
Team Roster
Consent/Release Forms for non-Electronic Signees
Bill of Materials
Withholding Allowance
Safety Glasses
First Aid Kit
Pit Crew Checklists
Scouting Binder
Chairman’s Presentation (multiple formats)
External Hard drive and Charger
Flash Drives
Chairman’s DVDs
Safety Folder
Business Plan
PR Scrapbook
PTC Stickers
PTC Banner

The key to the toolbox.

Aside from the obvious biggies and the robot with the bag n’ tag form:

Enough tools and materials to rebuild the robot if it comes to it. If your team has built an exact practice robot, gut it to the frame and take all of the ‘software’. If you don’t use something, you can help another team out.

Batteries for everything times three.
Battery spill kit.
Battery Tester.
A small vacuum cleaner.
Everything that was in the KOP that you didn’t use. (Useful to another team)

Anyone on the team who is taking their laptop should have the entire software of library on their laptop and the Driver Station Software just in case.

And if no one on the team has a WiFi hotspot or such service on their phone or tablet, PDANet installed so you can tether your computer just in case you need internet access. (A lot of venues disable WiFi and tethered internet connections lower interference risk.)

Students… be sure to drill air holes in the crate though. Maybe toss in some cheetos for the programmers.