competition pit areas

My team has only participated at the Buckeye Regionals so far.
They provided a 10’x10’ area for each teams pits.
My question is if this is a standard size used by all regionals.
We are designing a new pit area and want to be sure it fits other regionals if we should change down the road.

There are no standards. It appears that they take the space and divide by the number of teams and subtract something from that.

It used to be specified that space at nationals was 10’x10’, and regionals would try to give that much as well, but the minimum size was 8’x8’.

However, in 2004, the rules did not specify a size. Rule [rule=][/rule]

the best pits are the ones at the end of the row you have more room

After several years, we have found them to be pretty standard. Granted we have seen them as big as almost 14 x 14 but usually they are around 10 x 10

Having worked with setup at CR the info I recieved was that pits were to be a minimum of 10 x 10. This being said there were a few that had more than 100 sq ft but did not measure 10 x 10. Hope this is of help.

Initial plans for the SBPLI Regional have 9’x10’ pit areas due to venue constraints. This could change.

In any case, I’d like to remind everyone to practice gracious nonexpansionalism while in your pit. Your team wouldn’t want to be known as a bunch of malicious expansionalists. Please stay within your designated pit area for both safety and fairness sake.

Plan just in case for it to very cramped though, the FL Regional was an 8X8 i think this past year…and if it wasn’t it sure as heck felt like it.

I would suggest and it has been brought up on these forums before that be flexible with pit designs. All venues have different setups. Never know on actual size until you get there. If you are planning on putting up a tent like structure the biggest I would have it is 8’ x 8’ so you are pretty much guaranteed it will fit at all regionals.

i just realized i live in a 10 foot by 10 foot area, it seems alot bigger when its not a pit space.

…and you’re not sharing it with upwards of 15 other people. :slight_smile:

We call that cubical stuffing at work.
You know, when an ad hoc meeting spontaneously forms in someone’s tiny office and passers-by drop-in to see what the excitement is about?

“Tips for in the Pits” from the white papers

I’ll echo some of the other posts. If you design for 8’x8’ you should be good to go at any venue.

Think small, and dont try to colonize other people’s pit areas or the aisle.


If you ask nicely, you can ask the team next to you to move their table to the other side of the pit and you will have a bigger pit size. Of course though you will have to keep all of your stuff and team members on your side of the pit. This helps if you need to get back of your pit if there are people are working in front of it.

*We normally only have 3-5 people in our pit at a competition, a few more after a successful match. The trick is to keep essential people in only and perhaps two or three wandering the pits scouting. *

Every venue, except… those mini comps held in HS gyms. You may only get an area the length of or half the length of an 8’ folding table.

as to be expected elgin, it’s high school and not very official.

The only time we’ve ever discouraged anyone from being in the pits is when there’s already 5 people in there, the engineers have been sweating or when our team leader say “Let’s all meet in the pit” and engineers and pit crew yell simultaneously “NO!!!”

Boy, we screamed loud that time