Competition Predictions 2018

I enjoyed these threads the past two years, but I haven’t seen one yet for this year.

I predict that, during the 2018 season:

G16 (The NULL TERRITORY is safe) will be the most commonly violated rule. ROBOTS obtaining CUBES from the POWER CUBE ZONE will make G22 a close second in the early weeks.

While stacked on a SCALE PLATE, some of the upper POWER CUBES in the stack will slide/fall off and land outside of the FIELD.

A tall ROBOT will tip over and land on a SCALE ARM, moving the PLATE with it, and possibly causing POWER CUBES to fall off of the opposite PLATE.

The Houston Einstein webcast will crash before the finals due to the large viewer spike.

The strategy of an ALLIANCE taking OWNERSHIP of the opposing SWITCH will be a surprisingly effective defense strategy, and will see use in high levels of play.

The Einstein matches, and possibly the division Playoffs, will be more of a SWITCH battle than a SCALE battle once the VAULTS are full, due to execution of the defensive strategy above.

At least one of the Championship winning ALLIANCES will have only 2 climbing ROBOTS or one that climbs and lifts another; LEVITATE will be used for the third climb, allowing a switch/vault bot to play some last-minute defense.

A last-second OWNERSHIP point will change the outcome of an Einstein MATCH.

At least one POWER CUBE will end up on top of the center of the SCALE, blocking one or both RUNG(S).

It will not be uncommon for Playoffs ALLIANCES to have one climbing ROBOT that lifts two, and two switchbots or one switchbot and one scalebot.

A ROBOT will somehow manage to get stuck on top of a POWER CUBE.

FIELD reset will be easy, leading to fast turnaround times unless something needs to be repaired.

What are your predictions? Post them below!

The highest non-penalty score will occur in a qualification match this year.

This will happen at a week one event

This also will not happen at a FiM event.

The most common rule violation will be <G25> (Plates are moved by Power Cubes, not Robots)

We will see the return of the Triple Tortuga this year.

In Week 1, Human Players will try to place Power Cubes onto the field through the bottom of the Exchange.

There will be at least one winning alliance with no climb-capable robots.

Robots will get stuck with regularity on the Platform and the cable protectors

Average scores over the season will rise by about 45 points from Week 1 to Week 7.

Two Einstein Alliances will have only 1/3 robots on the field being scale capable.

One of the teams advancing to Einstein finals will get there via the autonomous points tiebreaker, and another will get there via the climbing points tiebreaker.

No matches will be won during Einstein finals by an alliance that controlled the scale for less time, but multiple alliances will win matches during the Einstein round robins where they controlled the scale for less time.

90% of qualification matches during the season will be won by the alliance that controlled the scale for longer.

One alliance in divisional play will control the scale for 0 seconds of teleoperated and win the match.

The Michigan State Championship will be won by a 5th-8th seeded alliance, with no team numbers below 1000 on the winning alliance.
2056 and 195 will not win their respective DCMP’s.

No regional in NY will be won by the #1 seed.

CHS in a nutshell…

< 20% of Einstein matches will be decided on points earned by the Vault or Power Ups.


I’m going to second that, if only because it will be easier to call than G16 (null zone is safe).

Other predictions:
If an upset like MSC 2016 occurs, it will be the result of strategic defense and use of Power Ups.

Teams will underestimate the value of the vault and Power Ups (Week 1-3).

Teams will forfeit a climb (Week 1) for a last second ownership change out of habit from 2017, where that one last gear & rotor was worth more than a climb.

Yep. I predict a double Tortuga! Triple Tortuga on the cord might be too much to ask for…

The winners of the Detroit Championship will be on the BLUE ALLIANCE.

A Minnesota team will be on the winning alliance of the Detroit Championship.

Looks like 1678, 968, and 3230 are the first alliance to pull off a 4 RP match this year! Congratulations to them.

My prediction is the highest average scores will be in weeks 3 or 4 not in 5 or 6.

Weeks 1 and 2 will have two few robots that can score in the scale. Weeks 5 and 6 will have a more contested scale. Weeks 3 and 4 will be the sweet spot where there’s a good number of teams that can effectively score in the scale and they’ll be in some matches where they’re uncontested.

Completely agree
Power ups are probably the underdogs best chance but they’re not something top tier alliances will be using regularly in the semis and finals at championships

On the flip side they will be a staple in qualification matches

More teams will go unbeaten and untied at events this year than last year.

This isn’t a prediction…
Last year the only team to go unbeaten/untied at an event was 254 at San Francisco.

This year in week 1 there were 4 teams that went unbeaten/untied:
148 Dallas
610 ONT Durham
2046 PNW Clackamas
3478 Monterrey

I predict the most commonly broken rule will be H10: Teams may not sit or stand on POWER CUBES.

At DCMP and CMP alliance selection, the captains will be primarily scale bots that can carry/climb with at least one other robot. Their first round picks will be super-quick switch/exchange specialists. Top notch switch/scale/utility players that don’t do multiple climbs will be plentiful. Therefore, many will be left to later rounds. Autonomous capabilities will be the deciding factor in ranking comparable robots on the pick list.

Your not wrong

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We only planned to put up to 4 cubes into the vault for all of Houston CMP playoffs/Einstein. 3 for levitate because the tie breaker in the round robin was climb points and 1 for a Force 1 to buy some time for 2976/3075 to get in defensive position on their attack robot so 254 could come take back the switch.