Competition results on FIRST web site--What is going on?

I just checked the “standings” for the Florida regional on the FIRST web site and found that Team 233 was 5th. with a 6-3-0 record and 179 was 13th. with a 5-4-0 record. In actuality, 233 was 1st. and 179 was 2nd., both with 8-1-0 records. What is going on here?

Yeah, they had all of the blue and red alliance scores switched too. One match said that the other alliance had won when the team I was watching had really won. I think that there’s a little something getting lost in translation here…

UTC has the same problem we are listed as #20 when we were really 13th

Same for GLR :o

It’s been over a week and they still haven’t posted any results from Sac, VCU, and Fingerlakes Regionals - I think they’re are just spread to thin to keep the website up to date.

AZ results/standings are all messed up as well.

the Peachtree standings are right but the red and blue match results are still mixed up.

From what I’ve seen of all the scoring displays, etc., it looks like FIRST has gone with a completely new scoring system this year and they’re still working all the bugs out. Last year’s system was mostly brand new as well. (I think the software was based on some team’s prior efforts) Last year there were lots of glitches and oddness in the first couple of weeks, and even all the way till Lone Star when I was running it. By Atlanta, last year’s scoring system was working very well, so one can hope that they’ll get all the bugs out of this year’s new system by then as well.

In closing, I guess all we can do is wait till they get it working. Or hunt down the scorekeepers from the regional and see if they kept the paper copies of the matches.

Yes First has a new scoring system it is developed by Hatch Tech. It is a really nice system, its new for them so all the volunteers are still getting used to it. I was at PWN Regional last weekend and was a reffing.
I was told couple of things about the updates on the website. The venue needs internet access for the scores and lists to be uploaded to first website. The system is pretty simple, all they have to do is Hit save and it uploads all the information online through ftp. So its much easier then last year when they had to manually upload the lists. So if its not uploaded at one regioanl for some reason it might be updated at another regional. Since they have the same laptops where the field goes to.

For finals at GLR, it says Teams 1023’s Alliance lost to its self. :frowning:

same thing with the PNW regional, us team 492 was first with 9 wins and 1 tie, but put us at 8 wins and 2 losts.

Lol, that’s really amusing. On another note, you guys were awesome out there!

That sounds all well and good, but why is it that what is going on the FIRST web site is COMPLETELY WRONG?

I know that there were some bugs at the beginning of this weekend (real time scoring, and I think also standings)… but the software was repaired Thursday installed Friday Morning at Florida Regional to fix this… perhaps there was an unnoticed bug in it that’s updating the website wrong?

yea i checked the first web dstie last nught when i got home from ucf.
i called first and told them of the problem with it
i dont know if they will call me back or fix it they mught have to get the right scores from the regionals them selves.

ben 1368