Competition Results

Hello CD,
I would like to hear the results from different competitions.

These are the results from the 2012 BAE Systems Granite State Regional:

Winning Alliance: Team 131, Team 58, and Team 1831

Finalist Alliance: Team 1519, Team 2791,and Team 885

Coopertition Award: Team 4403

Engineering Inspiration Award: Team 126

Industrial Safety Award: Team 20

Website Award: Team 501

Highest Rookie Seed Award: Team 4403

Judges Award: 501

Rookie All-Star Award: Team 4403

Rookie Inspiration Award: Team 4403

Entrepreneurship Award: Team 1547

Engineering Excellence Award: Team 811

Team Spirit Award: Team 1519

Gracious Professionalism Award: Team 133

Creativity Award: Team 58

Innovation in Control Award: Team 319

Quality Award: Team 3467

Industrial Design Award: 2342

Imagery Award: Team 2791

Chairman’s Award: Team 1058

Congratulations to all the teams who participated! A special congrats to Team 4403 from Mexico and Team 4034 from Pelham, New Hampshire for your first year!

Thanks for posting!!

The awards from the competitions are posted on FIRST’s website. If you’re looking for more anecdotal results, there’s already some great discussion happening.