Competition Roles


We want everyone on our team to be engaged in some way during the competition, rather than just sitting in the stands idly. Obviously, the clear roles during the competition are drive team, scouting, and pit crew, but are there any other roles that team members could take on which would be of some importance?


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Scouting is more than just being in the stands to watch matches. We get some of our best intel by posting someone up in the practice field (yes, we’re watching you).

When I said “sitting in the stands idly” I meant just watching matches aimlessly or passing the time, not scouting. for scouting, we do a lot more than just watching matches. sorry for the confusion

Something my team does in regionals is have a couple people in the pits going and asking if they need anything or need help for their robot. Apart from them interacting and making friends with other teams. If the people in your team are kind of bored from scouting

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If anyone is still left with nothing to do after you’ve covered the competition (including Chairman’s and scouting), put together a robot assist team (we’ve helped plenty of rookie and under-resourced veteran teams get going in the pits), consider a spirit section/mascot, and volunteering at the event. 3946 regularly runs the FLL demo at Bayou, and when we had a larger team in 2014-16, we ran a “craft table”; it was a big hit with family members as well as team members! (95% of the golden crowns you see in the stands at Bayou 2016 were decorated at our craft table.)

Watch this video. Suddenly, you don’t have enough people.:rolleyes: It’s truly amazing, we learned a lot from it.

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You might also encourage your extra students to volunteer at the event.

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