Competition Strategy Simulation Resource

Hi All,
I’m a mentor with team 1218 and we’ve made a strategy simulation game for your strategy/ drive team to practice pre-match strategy meetings with their alliance. This is a role-playing game that requires a way to display a slideshow and a few printed pages. The game is best played with 9-15 people and takes about 90 minutes to run the full version although it can easily be modified to be shorter. Feel free to use this with your team, instructions for how to play are in the slide notes. Enjoy :slight_smile: Link: Strategy Meeting Practice - Google Slides


We ran your game in our team and it was very successful! So, thank you for all your work.

The students noted a great value of this exercise as one would need to deal with all kinds of teams and still come up with the strategy during the competition.

We will be adding new scenarios that we observed over the years, as well as robot descriptions.

Thanks for letting me know how it turned out! I’d love to see what edits you make to it.