Competition Tape Trading.

Hey everyone.

I just had an idea that was inspired by my friend who is all about trading phish and DMB bootlegs…

Would anyone be interested in setting up a system for trading FIRST competition tapes?

I know that i dont get to see alot of east coast and west coast teams until we get to nationals but i would love to see what you guys are doing.

If anyone has a tape of VCU, BAE or Sacramento please contact me. I have tapes of cleveland available and i think we are getting copies of st louis.

SOAP108 is collecting video from all the regionals, and I believe it will all be available via their website. I may be wrong about the availability, but that was my understanding.

you wouldnt have a link to there site would you?

*Originally posted by Jferrante *
**you wouldnt have a link to there site would you? **