Competition videos for vision processing

Hello there. Throughout today at the UNC Asheville district event, my team has been recording videos of the game with our robot up until we got eliminated in quarter-finals. Since we had trouble with our vision program for help with aiming because of the different environment from our workshop, we decided to take videos with our camera so we have something to work with when programming an aiming system in the case we get to go to NC District championships.

Since I expect many teams are probably having issue we wanted to release the videos so that you may have something to work with. In this video are also pictures of boulders and the high goal. We used the green ring LED for trying to illuminate the targets. I haven’t really examined the videos yet, but I do hope they help.

Here’s the videos

Have you considered turning down the exposure on your camera?
That could really help and make the LED ring much more effective.

I agree with this. Because of the bright lights on the field, we had to turn down exposure to the lowest our camera supports in order to get a nice green color on the target.

In the meantime, you could try using the sample images released at the beginning of build season somewhere on FIRST collabnet. They are a bit overexposed in some images but most have the green color on the target you want.