Compilation Error for Gradle/VSCode


We can’t find the RoboRIO (whatever that means), and gradle doesn’t want to build. At least the way we want to. Any help is good.

If you read the message, it says to scroll up. More information can be found that way.


What specifically are we looking for?

You have 2 issues. One is a compilation error, so you’ll see a line number. The second error is it couldn’t find the rio, and the error message will say what IP’s it tried.

Define line number, and we can’t find the IP’s.

Could you copy the entire log here? It might be pretty long, so pasting it to or and sharing the link might be easier.

As for your connection issue to the roboRIO, ensure you are connected to the robot’s WiFi network (or connected via ethernet/USB) and make sure that you can visit http://roborio-2148-frc.local in your web browser.