Even though 1022 is inactive, i am working on restoring the 2003 robot to it’s glorious state since it was accidently scrapped. My problem is that recently the school cloned the computers so we lost our compiler. Also, since GE has stopped sponsering us, our equiptment is in storage so finding the software is difficult. I have zipped the files i need (whice are very close to the default code with a few changes) if someone could compile it and e-mail it to me at

edit: i am using the 2004 controller (59.6 KB) (59.6 KB)

If you’re restoring the 2003 robot, I assume you’re using the 2003 robot controller, which used PBASIC, not C. You can download the editor and tokenizer/downloader as an all in one program, as well as the 2003 Default Code on IFIs site here:

Good luck!

You need the Stamp Editor 2.5, PBASIC version 2.0, don’t confuse them, and don’t use version 1.33.

i forgot to add that i am using the 2004 brain becuase that robot died…

Ah sorry, I shouldn’t have assumed. Attached is the compiled hex, but note you had a typo causing a syntax error in user_routines.c, line 247 is missing it’s semicolon. (9.65 KB) (9.65 KB)

thanks a million! The Fort Wayne Bomb Squad wants to use the robots to teach their new drivers.