Compiling errors

When I try to build the code it fails and says failed while compiling robot.cpp or along the lines of that. How do I fix it? Let me know if you need more info to answer my question

GradleRIO will ask you to scroll up in the log to see where the compilation error occurred. Please post that log.

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In general, compilers will parse each file, one at a time, and line by line. They can emit a variety of errors, depending on the nature of the problem they ran into.

Therefor, to determine root cause, you need to know not only what error was produced, but what code produced it. Not just the single line that produced the error, but as much surrounding code as is feasible. The whole file, or the whole project on github if possible.

Additionally, it may be needed to understand how the compiler was invoked. However, since WPIlib standardizes the setup for FRC purposes, we can assume a standard setup until otherwise proven false.

Per Prateek_M - both the full text of the error message, and the source code itself for now.,