compiling in windriver

i searched but i couldn’t find answer to it yet, if there are some threads regarding my question already, please let me know

my question is that is there any way to find out an error in the code without downloading the code to cRio or using debugging tool(which requires connection with cRio)?

i tried to build with intentional error( missing semicolon and missing headerfile) and it worked, so i guess it’s not compiling the code or detecting errors.

so i’m wondering if windriver workbench can detect code errors without connection with cRio, like other IDEs did before(command IDE to compile, if there are some errors, compile failure, if not, compile to download).

I had this problem and it was caused by me moving the workspace from the default. You need to make sure you used the default locations.

Program - C:\windriver
Workspace - C:\windriver\workspace

You can find syntax errors in the program by compiling it. You don’t need a cRIO to do that. Just right-click on the project in the “Project Explorer” window and select, “Build Project”. You should see any errors in the “Problems” or “Build Console” tabs at the bottom of the screen.

well, i did that bunch of times with intentional errors in the code but it’ll still build/rebuild the project successfully with no errors.

i don’t see any errors or warnings on “Problems” or “Build Console” tab

does anyone not get any errors or warnings other than me?

I could see that happening if you had multiple projects open and didn’t know which was the active project. I would analyze the output window closely and make sure you are compiling the project you think you are. All else fails just right click on your project and choose close unrelated projects.