?? Compiling LabView code??

I cant remember how to compile the code, does anyone know how to do that in labview?

what is the link??

Bookmark http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/frc/2013-Technical-Resources and get to know what it points to.

For this particular question, the Getting Started With the 2013 Control System link will be of most use. Scroll down to the 2013 Control System Software section, and look at Building and Loading your First LabVIEW Program. You’ll find a “More Info” paragraph at the bottom.

If that doesn’t give you enough information, feel free to ask again. But try to work through it on your own first, and be specific about what you’ve done already so we don’t feel like we’re handing you the answers before you do any work.

Open the .lvproj file for your labview project.

In the window that comes up, go down to “Build Specifications” and click the “+” next to it, then right click the first item underneath it and select what you want to do. Usually “Run as Startup” is what you would use.