Compiling NetworkTables 4.0 for Windows

I’m trying to get the windows native library for NetworkTables 4.0.

FIRST used to release binary drops, but stopped after 3.1.7.

The source for 4.0 is avilable, but I haven’t been able to get it to build. I have a machine with Visual Studio installed, but running “gradlew.bat build” gives me the message

"No tool chain is available to build for platform 'x86-64':
    - Tool chain 'visualCpp' (Visual Studio): Could not locate a Visual Studio installation, using the Windows registry and system path."

Does anybody know what I’m doing wrong, or alternatively, are the binaries hosted somewhere else?

Releases for NetworkTables are now under

C++ binaries for various operating systems are in ntcore_cpp

The Java libraries are under ntcore_java and require the corresponding version of ntcore_jni to run. ntcore_jni also has releases for all major operating systems


Thanks for the quick response! That was exactly what I needed.