Complete Event Database?

I’m trying to force myself to do something productive else I keep getting more annoyed with all that has been getting on my nerves today and, more importantly, yesterday.

What I’d like to do, as a community, is compile a list of every regional event, off-season event and championship that’s taken place since FIRST’s first robotics competition in 1992 – assuming that one doesn’t already exist, anyway. I’d be interested in, specifically, the name of the event, the city it took place in, the venue, and the date.

The information for the past handful of years ought to be pretty easy to come by, so what we really need is for some of the old timers to chime in and talk about the events in the days pre-CD and such.

Ready? Go.

I believe that Brandon has much information on this, within the CD Events database. Check with him before going thru that laborious task. I believe he will also be including event results as part of it.

Yeah, this is what CD-Events will eventually become, I had hoped. It’s more than just a countdown & attendance system. There are a lot of other features in the works that aren’t obvious right now, mainly because I haven’t had time to get that info onto the page(s) yet.