Complete Inspiration

About 3 weeks ago I was wondering around in my local Waldenbooks store (Borders affiliate) and I spotted a book in the sports section named When The Game Stands Tall: The Story of the De La Salle Spartans and Footballs Longest Winning Streak. I had heard about this team and it’s streak a few times over the past four or five years and had always been interested.

Now I thought, “I wanna know what kind of football system this teams runs and how they do it to win so many freaking games.” Well… seems as though I got myself the wrong kind of book if I were looking for that.

I just finished it not even 10 minutes ago and I don’t believe I have ever read a better book in my entire life. Well… Tuesdays With Morrie comes close. As I began reading I realised that this team has nothing to do with the system, it’s all in the coach. Bob Ladouceur is my new idol. I’m sorry to say but Dean Kamen is nothing compared to what this coach does for these kids. Don’t get me wrong, Dean is AWESOME. But this coach stands for extreme work ethic, pin-point precision, and complete and total dedication to school and football.

The book chronicles the 2002 season when De La Salle gets its “worst” incoming class but plays its most fierce opponents. It’s a story of coming together and achieving a goal that no one believed they could achieve.

I recommend this book to everyone, especially the coaches and mentors on FIRST teams.