Complete newbies need help!

Okay, I’m sure you all get these types of posts dozens of times a day, so I’ll try and keep this brief: Our programming team last year (our first year) was all seniors, and thus they have left. We, the new programming team are gonna be here for a while, but we have almost no idea how to use Labview. We can make it count to a number, do other maths, etc., but that’s about it. If you could let us take a peek at some code, that would be extremely helpful as we are completely lost, and our mentor is going through chemo. Thanks in advance, Waconia Robotics Club.

National Instruments has great working examples of all sorts of common tasks. From the Getting Started window go to Support -> FRC examples… and look inside the FRC folder.

NI also published 2013 tutorials at:

There are training videos out there. I’d look at

Here are some examples of random things you might want to do: