Component/widget ideas for web based dashboard

I’m looking for feedback on what sort of components/widgets the community would like to see added to a web based dashboard I’m developing. For reference here’s a list of the existing components the project currently has: (works best on chrome, currently working through a number of issues in firefox and safari)

These components could be used for simulation, displaying robot/field information, displaying graphs and charts, layout management, etc. Component ideas that you would like to see in shuffleboard would be welcome to, since this project borrows a lot from it. If there are components you’d like that take advantage of specific web based technologies, suggest those too. Even if the idea seems unrealistic, feel free to suggest as any source of inspiration is welcome.

A widget to show multiple colors, either from a list of optional values, or using RGB values would be handy for working with color sensors. Looks like great work so far! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback! There’s a control panel/wheel of fortune widget specific for this year’s game if that helps:

I was planning on making a color picker widget, but I guess making a widget that displays an array of colors that can be chosen from might be handy too. The interface might look something like:

<frc-color-array colors='["green", "#123abc", "yellow"]' value="yellow"></frc-color-array>

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