Composite board

We got a rare treat of some donated fiberglass composite board. Simliar material is available in McMaster-Carr, but there have been odd rulings on composite board in the past. (For those of you who don’t know, composite board is a honey-comb design of ribs with a thin layer on top and bottom) Does anyone know how FIRST rules apply to it this year? I belive it’s legal, but I am not sure.

One of our sponsors is Plascore, They invented the honeycomb stuff. We used it last year and we will again this year. No problems with FIRST, as long as anyone can buy it.

We are usind similar composite boards this year and have found no problems with using it so far. We got lucky and have Seamens Comoposites as one of are new sponsors.

Thanks! Plascore isn’t one of our sponsors… our sponsor is YOU! We used some scraps left over from a project here at CRREL, a military research facility :wink: your tax dollars hard at work. You might be very suprised at how much waste there is in the government, but then again you might not.