Composite Bot Planetary inside omni

This will complete the tank drive with those

Drive wheels

The following are some pics in the sequence of assembly

Due to the 2 in width of the omni the Hering bone ring,planets and sun are split

There is also a race in the middle for 6805 bearings to take some load of the planets if needed first tests will be done without to see if the planet/ring actually need it

The planets come in 2 pieces and are aligned with the 3dp alignment tool in the pic and also (if decided) work as the hub from the 6805 bearings. The 2 planet halfs are then fastened with 6 1 in wood screws that thread into the plastic. Some tests I did make that seem to be a good method to join to plastic parts especially if there is no room for Nuts

The 608 skateboard bearings are inserted.

Then the bevel gear for the input is fastened with 6 wood screws to the sun gear assembly of the planetary

What is left now is to cut 5mm shafts for the rollers of the omnis. I am printing a jig that allows me to do a well enough job with the hacksaw at that.

This was just a test for fitting of the TPU rollers and bushings to complete the omni wheel


finished assembly


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